Linda Jones-Edwards

Meet Linda, she is a wife of 10 years, and a mother of three children, and the eldest Sister of three siblings. Being the driving force behind her family as a working mother is no easy task. But in the interim of it all, she still found the time and tenacity to become the Director of Community Outreach & Marketing for The Kennedy Austin Foundation. All the while, spearheading a Women’s movement called Eat, Pray and Shop as a Motivational Speaker and Women’s empowerment leader.
Linda was challenged in unknown and painful areas of her life as she witnessed her mother (Ethel) go through the early process of shock, mourning and depression. Linda was forced to be the pillar for her family, making sure the needs of the house were meet, and that her youngest surviving sister was safe. Linda realized that coming from a broken home and a single mother, that she was void of dreams and visions. Coming into her own, Linda was seeking inner peace. She quickly realized that she found herself running into the same kind of man. Linda had become a product of her environment, the nightmare father, had become the same bad dream that she now was living. She was verbally, mentally, emotionally, & physically abused, controlled and riddled with fear by the very man that also told her that he Loved her, his very presence cause self-doubt, hurt and fear. This abuse made Linda hard, she became a no-nonsense woman. The abuse made her hard on herself and very hard on other women who were abused and of course the value of man was null & void. Since feeling like a failure, she put all her energy into what she could do well and that was work.

Linda started volunteering at the Kennedy Austin Foundation about 24 hours a week, taking over a group called “Turning your Pain into Passion" Linda was very reluctant to do so, but she did. After doing the class for more than a year, and not liking the current format Linda began to put her own spin on the classes. Making it her own, “Eat, Pray and Shop” women’s network luncheons was born. Transforming Pain into Passion became Eat, Pray, and Shop, a social women's networking group that empowers, equips and educate women to grow, learn and move forward in their dreams, & visions. Linda inspires action, and is infectious when she shares her vision for transforming the lives of women in her community. What began as just a handful of women coming together to support each other, has grown into an impactful forum where women develop leadership skills, public speaking abilities and networking.

Linda’s talent for helping people to regain hope and confidence in themselves is clear to all who visit her "Eat, Pray, and Shop” monthly empowerment luncheon for women. They meet every first Saturday of the month at the Kennedy Austin Foundation from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm.
When we get together it is Powerful. Women have found out that all pain is not created equal. We have vendors for shopping, lunch, and we pray for each other at the end of the event. God always shows up and meets the needs of each lady,

Linda’s donates lunch and 6 hours or more of her free time every 1st Saturday to make the luncheons a positive, and motivating event. Before and after each event Linda posts positive affirmations to approximately 1300+ women daily to ensure that they are still being fueled with empowerment. She also collaborates with Western University at each luncheon to speak to the ladies regarding health and wellness. If you want to experience the joy of real sisterhood join us at Eat, Pray and shop.

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